Monday, January 11, 2010

Cooking as Therapy

Ever have one of those days where you just have to accept that some people are never going to be what you need them to be?  Just to clarify:  I am absolutely not referring to my husband here. 
Everything is very good at home.  :) 

Without getting into details, I'll just say that, I've been going through some personal stuff lately and it has been an interesting experience to find real friendship in the most surprising places while also discovering a lack of support in others.

I am going somewhere with all this....

In the mounting stress of the day, I found myself really looking forward to dinner prepartions for tonight.  I had pulled from the refrigerator:  pork chops, garlic, basil, cauliflower, parsnip, broccoli, and a lime.  Next to all of that, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, butter, and black pepper.

I had just started preparing a marinade for the pork chops when my 16-year old came in and announced that he had an event at school to attend tonight.  It was then that I realized how much I had been looking forward to completely submerging myself in the process of preparing tonight's meal.

I am convinced there is something therapeutic in food preparation.  Depending on what you are preparing, it does require a certain level of concentration to make sure that everything is timed right, properly cooked, and presented well.  Prior to that, there is all of the chopping, grating, washing, trimming,
and overall organization that goes on just to get ready to cook!

So, I ended up putting everything away until tomorrow.  No big deal, really.  On the positive side, I confirmed something about myself today that I had suspected all along: 

There are other benefits to cooking besides just eating!

I'm sure many of you will understand what I mean
when I say it was a very Julie &Julia, Aha Moment!

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  1. That is awesome, I know that I love to go hide in the kitchen when I am stressed. I get to chop and bang around and when I am done there is usually something yummy to eat, it's very therapeutic.
    I hope all is going better :)



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