Monday, March 22, 2010

I Almost Made a Cake Today

I like grocery shopping.  I really do.  Sometimes I even love it! 
I will spend time planning meals and writing out my list in anticipation of a shopping trip.  Once there, I will take time to smell the produce, sample whatever is being offered that day, pick up a coffee to stroll around with, and generally have an okay time all by myself.

However, one time when this is not the case is when I find myself needing to run to the store for only one thing!  This is irritating enough all by itself but what makes it worse is that the store closest to my house is one of my least favorite.  I don't go there for regular shopping.  If I am there, it is only out of necessity.

So, today I decided I wanted to make a cake.  I printed the recipe and started checking for ingredients only to find that I was missing one thing.  One!  But it was probably important. 

I debated about whether this was worth a trip to Store I Don't Like. 
Turns out, I really didn't want cake as much as I thought.

Do you have places you avoid even though they are convenient?
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.


  1. I have the exact same feelings!!! Once a week...JUST ONCE...I love to shop. If I have to make a "runback trip," I LOATHE it!!!

    I would have passed on the cake, too!!!

  2. Living in a small town, I have that problem a lot. Our grocery store is fantastic (it's the biggest Kroger store in the state, I have no idea why they put it in our little town!), but the only department store around is Kmart. They never have what I need, or the selection is terrible. Sale items are sold out on day one....I only go there if I absolutely have to.

  3. Oh yes. If I have forgotten just one item, like milk, I hate going in to our local grocery store b/c it is so HUGE and they always have the stuff I need at the VERY VERY back@! You are not alone!

  4. Ha ha!! Hopefully next time you're at the Store You DO Like you can grab that ingredient make a yummy cake and tell us all about it! :D



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