Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cooking and Cleaning

I'm thinking tonight will be a "Clean Out the Fridge" night, of sorts. The leftovers are out of control and I really can't stand the thought of throwing out so much good food, which is exactly what will happen if this goes on too long. I am amazed every time one of the kids stands in front of the open refrigerator and exclaims that there is "nothing to eat". Just for the record, this is completely untrue except in the minds teenage boys who, given the option, would eat microwave junk every day of their lives. So for tonight's dinner, everyone can choose between spaghetti and meatballs, Greek chicken salad in pitas, and shredded barbeque chicken sandwiches. Everyone gets fed and the refrigerator gets cleaned out. Sounds like a good plan to me!


  1. Ha! I'm glad my teenage son isn't the only one who thinks there's nothing to eat when I have fridge full of leftovers! He wants Taco Bell for lunch today, even though I have about 10 things to choose from. Teens!

  2. My husband does this too! I'll have wonderful leftovers in the fridge when I go to work. Does the family eat any of it for lunch or dinner? No. He'll concoct something that leaves even more leftovers! But hey, God love him, because he will attempt cooking and the kids get fed.

  3. I hate when leftovers pile up. Hubby has a microwave at work so I send leftovers with him for lunch quite often. My kiddos are still young enough that they don't complain to much when I bring out the same thing for lunch that we had for dinner the night before, I'm guessing this might change when they get older though, lol :)



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